Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Birthday & Giveaway

I've talked a few times about how busy the summer season can be and this month has certainly held true to that notion. The end of June encompassed the end of June Gloom {thank GOD!}, my birthday, and my best friend's visit {!!!}. All fun and exciting things I have been looking forward to for quite some time but also things that can lead to a ton of planning, and when you're me sometimes over planning because lets get real I have a tendency to find way too many fun things to add to my to-do lists which ends up resulting in one busy and burnt out gal. I've had a blast spending our days at the beach, celebrating birthday dinners and brunches with friends and now planning a fun 4th of July BBQ -- but this gal needs a relaxing night in with a bottle of wine ASAP. 

If you remember way back in January when I shared some New Years resolutions I mentioned that being present was one of them {sounds so easy, right?!} and 6 months later I am still trying to remind myself to fully enjoy each moment. For this busy and event filled month that has resulted in a lack of blogging pictures, but hey, I have a ton of memories to add in their place. However, I do have two things for ya'll instead. 1 -- a few pictures from my day of celebrating with my girlfriends and 2 -- since I was showered with gifts for my birthday its your turn with a fun summer giveaway to make up for it ;) 

We appreciate our followers and readers so much that we would love to gift as many of you as possible! In this giveaway, we are rewarding 3 precious readers/followers with a fabulous authentic Tory Burch package that includes a tote bag and a wallet! Each package is worth $590. Open to international contestants but international winner will be responsible for shipping and custom fees. Entrants must be 18+ old to join. You have 124 chances of winning if you follow all the sponsors so follow as many as you can.

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  1. What a great giveaway! & following up on your resolutions is always great!

    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries