Sunday, August 2, 2015

Step aside Ballerina, move over Princess...

In recent years tulle has been exclusively for ballerinas, engagements, and princesses. Well, since I am none of the above I was left out of the tulle game. My inner-princess was not happy about this. Not at all. No need for high heels, glam hair or diamonds for this girl. I just wanted to be able to twirl around and embrace my inner girly-girl. 

But once I decided I was all in, it wasn't easy to find that perfect tulle item that didn't make me feel like a 7 year old dressing up as a princess for some trick-or-treating. I mean, that may or may not be last years 26 year old Halloween costume, but thats for me to know and you to never find out. Luckily, Shabby Apple had tulle skirts that fit exactly my needs. A touch of princess spirit minus the princess fluff. A win-win for my styling needs. 

If you take to pinterest for some tulle skirt outfits  you will find a ton of sock buns and chambray button ups. Although, I do love both chambray and buns I had other ideas for this neutral piece. A fun way to celebrate a birthday, a tea party with my man {because, hello, those totally do happen}, or a fun Sunday lunch date. For this occasion: my inner-princess skirt, some beachy waves, a flawy crop top, and a stroll on the beach were right up my alley. Now that I mention it, I can't quite think of a sentence that describes me better... 

Skirt -- Shabby Apple, c/o. | Crop Top -- Marshalls. 

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  1. Such a great post! I love a great tulle skirt one can never go wrong! Hope you stop by the latest!

    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries