Sunday, January 10, 2016

New Year, New Me

It happens twice a year in our home. The closet purge. They tend to occur each year around the same time, new years and spring in our household. There is just something about this time of year, maybe all the 'New Year, New Me' commercials and advertisements? Who knows, but I get suckered right in. So my honey and I headed to our closets and began our Sunday mission -- clear the clutter. 

If it wasn't worn in the last year it was gone. We bagged them up and headed to Goodwill to make our donations. But for this trip I had a little more in mind. Some new work blazers and some jeans to DIY some new summer cut offs. Does anyone else hate paying $100 for blazers or $50 for half a pair of pants? Yeah this gal, too. I'll be honest I typically only head to Goodwill for donations and to par ooze during Halloween but with Orange County's recent renovations of their Goodwills I have been dying to glance around their new Boutique style stores. 
I originally intended to only grab some old jeans and blazers. You know the deal, pop in and out -- but does a shopping trip ever go as quickly as planned?  I was truly taken aback at how many items I found for work and even working out! When it comes to workwear I love a versatile skirt. When building a wardrobe there is no better advice than to stock up on good fitting, versatile bottoms. Give me a skirt that fits just right and the numerous outfit options with a simple button-up, blouse, tank, or cardigan are endless. How adorable is this peplum style skirt pictured above?  And when it comes to tops I am in love with the non-convential neutrals; tans, blushes, and grays. I gravitate towards blushes and pale pinks in the Spring, as they are as much a neutral as black or white in my wardrobe, and I loved how everything was color coordinated for me! I went right to the blush tops and was glanced at every blouse! Did you catch the entire rack of white pants? Lets be honest, no spring wardrobe is complete without a pair of perfectly fit white jeans.

And of course, like every other human being I make that personal resolution to up my workout game in the new year so all of the athletic wear (at a fraction of the price) was a huge bonus. The best part? I cleared out so many hangers by donating my old items I was able to make room for new pieces without the added guilt. Oh yeah, and did I mention the guilt free price tags? Another new years resolution (save moolah) I can check off my list ;)

I was also pleasantly surprised at how many things I was able to find for my classroom. How cute are these pre-packed sticker collections? It had 4 different sets for only $1.99! I immediately filled my cart with a ton of Valentines goodies for my class!
I was pretty stoked to come across scooters (for only $9.99!!!!) and immediately jumped on and started telling childhood stories of racing down our hilly San Diego street. Since I am often found on my bike and roller blades around our neighborhood I was tempted to make the purchase until babe caught my near (fatal if you as me) crash. 

In the end, I didn't find a blazer or pair of jeans for my next DIY project but I did leave with a bag full of other wardrobe essentials and goodies for my classroom! Which is a total win for me as I have never purchased school items from Goodwill and us teachers are always looking for a deal. I was able to clear out my closet for a good cause, get a head start on some spring essentials and keep my wallet happy. Is it weird I am already looking forward to my Spring closet purge so I can have a valid excuse to come par ooze through the racks, old records and ride scooters around again? 

This post was sponsored by Goodwill, however all pictures, content and opinions are that of my own. 

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Years Giveaway!

A group of bloggers and I have teamed up to bring you a fabulous giveaway you can't resist! We're giving one precious follower a grand prize of a brand spanking new 21.5" iMac and the second prize winner will receive a lovely Kate Spade handbag. By following as many bloggers as you want on the Gleam widget below, you will have better chances of winning! There are 125 ways to enter. Good luck lovelies!

  21.5" iMac + Kate Spade Handbag
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