Saturday, February 27, 2016

Hair Makeover!

"A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life" Wise words once spoken by Coco Chanel. It was 1 year ago this month I took my long black hair and nervously walked into a salon for a much needed cut. Back in college I was known for my rib length black hair and if you would have told me then I would ever chop it and dye it 'bronde' I would call you Kanye Crazy. After last years cut I got that 'short hair' bug but wasn't quite sure where to take it next.  

Although its only February, the weather here in Orange County has already told us Spring is here, y'all! With a 'new' season, warm weather and already talks of wrapping up the school year I was itching for a change. And after following a few of Cristophe Salon's stylists on insta I was drunk-in-hair-love with just about every picture posted. I had also quickly become one of those girls who had 500 insta pics screenshot on my phone to show my next hair dresser.  I first ventured to Cristophe Salon to visit Michael for one of his famous colors and within a week I was back and sitting in Jennie's chair saying "Chop it!" I was ready for the every-famous lob. She took a good 3 inches off and I walked out feeling light, healthy, and totally Coco Chanel-ish. The exact change I am in for? Not a clue, but I am ready and I am 'lob-ing' my new fresh look. {get it, get it?

Does anyone else have serious salon anxiety? I am talking, worse than going to the dentist or getting surgery kind of anxiety. We all know the joke about what we think of as an inch and what our hair dresser thinks of as an inch. I don't know if it was the numerous pictures I liked on Jennie's insta or the ease in being to explain and show pictures of exactly what I wanted, but as soon as I sat down I was all in. Jennie, will you be my forever hair girl?! ;) 

And anytime you visit a salon for a change you also need a new outfit and a night of drinks. *insert sassy emoji chick here* 

Tank -- TJ Maxx. | Blazer Vest -- Banana Republic. | Shorts -- old| Heels -- Target. | Purse -- Persaman. | Pom -- The Warehouse. | Watch -- The Horse. | Hair -- Jennie.

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  1. Your hair looks awesome!

  2. Love this look! I've been DYING to cut my hair shorter and add color but anxiety gets its way every time. This post just encouraged me to do just go for it!

    1. Thanks Bianca!! I love hearing that! You should def take the plunge. I am sooo glad I did! And you'd be surprised, once you chop it, its so healthy again it starts growing like a weed! haha :)

  3. That look definitely suits you! Perhaps you'll find this helpful: About GetHerBackGuide