Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Sun Basket Giveway!

If you have been following for some time now you are far too familiar with my stomach health journey. After years of Gastrointestinal tests, constant nausea and upset stomachs I finally found the answer. As luck would have it, my body is unable to process quite a few things (oh and those things just so happen to be in everything). Not only can I not process it, the unprocessed food is released into my blood stream where my body then attacks it like a virus. Doesn't sound fun, huh? Welp, you're right, it most certainly isn't. But the bright side? I know have some answers. With answers you can work toward a solution which is exactly what the boyf and I have been doing these last 6 months. 

Throughout this process I have become quite the food hippie. I shop at strictly organic stores such as Mother's, Whole Foods, and Sprouts and well, I am that girl that now says "Did you know..." before picking up an item at the grocery store. #noshame. This journey has led me to only eat organic and I must know every single ingredient in my foods. It has made going out to dinner near impossible but feeling better (and knowing I am treating my body the right way so it can work properly) has make it worth it. Since many date nights now consist of exploring new recipes at home, it's no surprise we are looking for ways to spice up our meals. For those who know about this constant stubble they have reminded us a few times of home meal services but being that they are not organic and cannot cater to my strict food restrictions they were never an option. Until, Sun Basket! This just may be a new monthly service in our household. 

Sun Basket is a a healthy meal kit that delivers organic meals and recipes right to your door.  They even provide gluten-free, pale, and vegetarian options. I was able to go on their website, see all the ingredients, and have them delivered right to my door. All 3 of my meals (2 dinners and 2 breakfasts) came individually bagged, labeled and with corresponding recipeve cards. Not only were they a win for me, E loved them too! And considering how much this food journey has ultimately affected him too, his happiness is key. Which means the recipe cards are now going into our meal rotations! 

Lucky for all my readers, I have partnered with the folks over at Sun Basket to give 1 lucky reader a free week of organic meals delivered right to your door! Scroll down to enter! 
Saturday morning we started our weekend of cooking with Greek omelets paired with whole wheat pita bread. Why have I never thought to throw spinach and tomatoes into my omelets??
On Saturday Night we had the apartment cleaned, all the windows and doors opened -- thanks to a surprise 90 degree California Day -- popped some champagne and started prepping our Flank Steak meal. I will be honest, when I saw parsnips included with the meal I was a bit apprehensive. Is it weird that I am a 27 year old who has never tried a parsnip? Well it's save to say I wanted to eat both of them.. and then run out to the store to buy more. I may have just discovered my new favorite vegetable, ya'll!

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