Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Spring to Summer with Express

There is something about the transition from spring to summer - which happens in about March in California, lets be real - that makes me want to grab anything linen, white, flowy, a straw hat and book a tropical getaway. This gorgeous crotchet dress from Express checked 2 of those things off my must have list. However, being that I am a teacher, booking that tropical getaway is going to have to wait a few months. Actually who am I kidding, on a teacher's budget it'll have to wait a bit longer than that. But thanks to this easy to transition spring dress I can at least feel like I'll be sippin' on pina coladas at sunset.

At the previous school I taught at, we always dreaded the months of March and April. Although it meant spring was on its way it also meant the awkward "am I going to wake up to warm weather or cold weather today?" and those dreaded end of the year assessments. Thanks to a cross country move and a switch to private school, now warm weather is an everyday occurrence and I am more worried about admissions testing for the following year instead of state exams {I still cringe when I type those words} which makes the end of the year much more enjoyable. A nice trade off if you ask me. But this abundance of warm weather has me constantly gravitating towards all the dresses in my closest. Which means...I.need.more.dresses! Luckily, to satisfy by urge for dresses I came across Express's spring dresses this season which are perfect with a cardigan for work and go even better with wedges and a cocktail in the evening. Because you know this chick is all about her afterwork happy hours. I mean that is why happy hour begins right after school lets out, right?

Dress -- Express, c/o. | Hat -- Target. | Clutch -- Anthropologie. | Sandals -- ANGL. | Bracelet & Ring -- TJ Maxx.

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