Monday, May 30, 2016

Peplum Pajamas

I have a love-hate relationship with pajamas. I don't want sexy lingerie and I don't want a grandma nightie so I tend to steer away from the whole category. I recently came across the cutest Etsy shop, PJMs Atelier, and was immediately in love with their adorable pajama sets. 

I live in a small beach apartment without AC or heat, so when summer rolls around it's important I wear something light, airy and breathable to bed because unlike most girls -- I run hot! This tank top is super comfy and allows me to stay cool but most importantly, how adorable is the peplum detail?! 

If you are as in love with this peplum set as I am I am so excited to share a special discount just for my readers! Head on over to PJMs Atelier and type in code XCHRS40 for 40% any shop item until the end of June! Hurry, hurry! 
Pajama set c/o PJMs Atelier, however, all thoughts, photos and opinions are my own. 

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