Friday, July 1, 2016

4th of July Chambray Dress

Chambray on its own is own of my favorite versatile pieces. Growing up, my mom had just about every item you could think of in a chambray option so I can't help but smile as I think about how much I adore it as an adult. Although its technically a hue of blue I think of it as a perfect neutral that I could pair with just about anything, no matter the season or temperature outside. Luckily, with 4th of July just around the corner I can throw on a red lip and be just festive enough for a BBQ and some fireworks.

4th of July is extra special for the honey and I, not just because we are both military families, I am dating a former Navy Corpsman or that we are just about as patriotic as they come. But this also marks the anniversary of when we quit our jobs, packed everything up and flew to California and follow our hearts. This 4th of July marks 3 years since we made the move and we couldn't love the Golden State any more. Most years we spend the day at the beach and BBQing until the fireworks start, however, this year is a bit different. Being that my surgery was just this past Monday, you can read more about that over on Instagram, I am still in full recovery mode which means I still can't walk or get up on my own! This only means we will cook up some hot dogs on our own and save the beaching for another day, because lets face it, as soon as I can walk again you can't get this teacher away from the beach! Happy 4th y'all!
Dress -- C/O The Mind Julep. | Hat -- Urban Outfitters. | Shoes -- Marshalls. | Clutch -- Gifted.
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